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A good day begins with a good morning.

What are the first things you do each morning?

Though each individual might have different answers to the question, most answers fall into a few categories: personal care, school preparation, house chores, and sports. To be more specific, personal care includes basic hygiene (such as showering and tooth brushing), room organization, getting dressed, healthcare, and doing hair and makeup. Except for that, all other categories are self-explanatory and do not take as much time as personal care. Since most mornings are pretty similar to each other, many people developed a morning routine to prepare themselves for the day in a relatively short time.

Of all the surveyed students, almost 70 percent indicated that breakfast is essential to them, while quite a few said they would drink coffee or water each morning as part of their morning routine. “If I don’t eat anything in the morning, I would be very hungry in the morning classes and can’t focus,” said sophomore Amber Shan. She further indicated that even if she couldn’t find time for breakfast, there would always be crackers and other snacks in her room to provide some nutrition for the morning.

For some, it is certainly very important to have their morning going as they presumed, or their whole morning would be ruined. A student wrote in the survey that: “A bad morning can make my mindset worse going into class”, and was reinforced by another that wrote: “[a bad morning] makes me sluggish the whole day”. They are not alone: up to 70 percent of the surveyed students indicated that they would find their day somewhat affected by a bad morning. Most people that said their morning influences their day observed themselves to be less active during class. They feel more sluggish and are less energetic after experiencing an unprepared morning.

when you wake up in the morning and randomly pull a hoodie out of your bed

However, some other students object that their mornings influence their day because it is only a small fraction of it. Therefore, even if they have a bad morning, its effects will not last long. Moreover, some even go so far as to claim that a bad morning does not have any effect on their day at all. Even if they had a terrible morning, they can still go about their day as normal and “ignore” and disturb their morning routine.

People usually feel a lack of preparation after having their morning routine interrupted. Students who filled out the survey commented that an unpleasant morning would have less effect on their day if they felt prepared for the day. However, since mornings are usually the time one gets prepared for the day afterward, it is understandable that people feel grumpy after having a less prepared morning.

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