• Alex Iniakov

A senior's reflection of 2020

Being a senior this year was very tough, to say the least. There was a lot of mental stress as a result of unexpected challenges that we encountered. Despite such uncertainty, I utilized this year to grow, develop, and prepare for college and what awaits me in the future. I have spent this time working to better myself and honing my passion: golf. This year has definitely helped me recognize that everything happens for a reason. Throughout this year, I have learned so many lessons and things about myself that I simply would not have had I been in on-campus instruction

With so much unaccounted time, we naturally find ourselves reflecting on life’s big questions. For a lot of people this has meant having time to recognize real friends, people whose relationship makes a significant impact on you, and those who were just casual school acquaintances.

The heightened unaccounted time we have has allowed me to work on myself and prepare to play college golf. I have used a copious amount of extra time to practice and work out in the gym.

I have also had a lot of time to think about my future and what I want to do with my life and have begun to set short-term goals to help me get to my long-term ones. Before I had long-term goals, but failed to identify any real plan to get there. I encourage everyone to look at these times with some optimism; your reality is truly what you make of it. I hope that everyone is able to find their purpose during these times and not let a year go to waste.

Identify areas in your life that will put you ahead, fix things that you have been dissatisfied with, or even try to develop new talents. Seniors, such as Jackson Figge, have found a new passion. Figge reflects on what finding this new hobby, golf, has done for him: ”Before COVID all I did was play baseball but I somehow stopped playing it for the enjoyment of the sport; rather, it felt as if I was playing it because I had to. It felt like a job more than a sport. Since most businesses are closed and there wasn't much to do I decided to see if I could pick up golf and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It is a relaxing yet intense sport, very unique from the others. Along with coordination and flexibility that comes with learning how to play this sport I also learned many skills and lessons that can be applied beyond the golf course.” He continues, “The main two lessons that I took away from just starting to play this sport is how important having discipline over your mind is. What I mean by this is, for those who do not know much about golf, the hardest part of it is dealing with bad breaks even after you feel like you hit a good shot. When this happens a golfer will either sit and dwell on it and mess up the rest of their round because of it or more strong-minded golfers will accept the mistake and focus on controlling what they can which is the outcome of the rest of the round.”

How can the lessons that Jackson has learned on the course can be applied to everyday life situations? ”No matter how well you think you are doing with your life or how hard you work towards achieving something there will be events that cause you to doubt yourself and put yourself down — and like hitting a good shot with a bad outcome many of these roadblocks will be either not caused by you or out of your control. Therefore when this happens I think back to being on a golf course, reminding myself to only focus on the future and what I can control because dwelling on negative events that the past has brought already happened and they won't change, however, it is up to me to either keep working on my goals or let the past derail my ambitions. Golf has shown me how to choose to persevere through hard times no matter the situation and if there's one thing good that came out of this pandemic is my new passion for golf and the many things that it has taught and will continue to teach me.”

Senior Tyler Olson reflects on what it has been like both the positive and the negative, “It’s tough not being able to go to school and see my friends, especially this year because we are seniors and will go off to college soon. However, I have used this time as best I could. I have been prioritizing my time better, working out more, and doing better in school. Furthermore, I also have a lot more time to get out and surf, whereas when we had in-person school it was hard for me to find the time to go out.”


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