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  • Luca Mazzie

Best Sports Moments of 2022

2022 was quite a year in the sports world, so let's look at the top 10 moments of the year, according to Stevenson students. Clearly, the World Cup Final was far and away the best game. Here were the final numbers from a survey of students at Stevenson to find what they felt was the sporting pinnacle of the year:

World Cup final (15 votes)

In one of the best games ever, Messi and Argentina won their first World Cup, off an amazing penalty kick by Gonzalo Montiel to win it. It was thought of as the best game because Messi won it all in his final World Cup, which proved to most soccer players that he's the best soccer player ever.

British Grand Prix (2 votes)

A stunning race, which was explosive from the start, as Guanyu Zhou was involved in a heavy collision with George Russell that saw his car go flying…upside-down into the barrier at 200 mph. The new regulations were on full display, as the most memorable overtake of the season occurred here, when Lewis Hamilton pulled off a shock double overtake against the squabbling pair of Charles Leclerc and Sergio Perez, which cemented itself with David Croft’s iconic trademark commentary, shouting “Through goes Hamilton!” It was thought of as one of the best because of its symbolism to the sport of racing, and simply how great the quality of racing was.

Chiefs vs Bills (1 vote)

Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen went back and forth all game, and the Chiefs edged it out on a game winning touchdown in overtime. It was so great because of how many touchdowns happened in the last couple seconds, and how unstoppable certain offenses can be.

Patriots vs Raiders (1 vote)

The Patriots and Raiders matched up in Week 16 of the 2022 season. It was quite a normal game until the last couple seconds, when the Raiders intercepted a pass on the last play and took it to the endzone for the win. It was thought of as the best game because of the miracle that no one expected to happen, and ended up happening.

Michigan vs Ohio State (1 vote)

Michigan beat Ohio State comfortably in one of the most anticipated games of the college football season. It was such a great game because of how good both teams were, and considering the rivalry that the two teams had, it just made tensions higher.

Croatia vs Argentina (1 vote)

Argentina beat Croatia in the semifinals of the World Cup, 3-0, off Messi’s penalty kick, and two goals from Julian Alvarez. It was thought of as the best game because it brought Argentina into the championship, something that Messi had never done before.

Warriors vs Celtics Game 6 (1 vote)

Stephen Curry solidified his legacy by winning the NBA Finals over the Boston Celtics, and winning his first Finals MVP. It was thought of as the best game because of how great of a series it was, and how quickly the Warriors went from the worst team in the league, to the best.

The World Cup was the best moment, by a wide margin. What was your favorite moment?


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