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Books bring out a passionate fire in some

Throughout your time at Stevenson you will read a lot. Books range from Shakespeare graphic novels like Maus. Stevenson students read about a wide range of topics and genres. The books we read in class became part of our daily life. We discussed the intriguing plot of Frankenstein together, we struggled writing difficult essays together, We even scrolled through SparkNotes to gather some ideas together…

But have you ever considered whether the teacher likes the material they are teaching? Let’s have a peek at Lucy Stockdale’s opinion of the books in her class.

Will the passion of a teacher affect their teaching?? “I am really passionate about Tony Morrison, who is an extremely profound African American Writer. I read about her during my high school year, but didn’t really appreciate her until I started teaching her. I t

hink that the way she writes is so elegant and beautiful. I teach her novel home to my Juniors, because I am so passionate about her and it really manifests the way I teach her. I asked my students to find language that really moved them, we talked about the phrase ‘nightlight of the soul.’ We spent a lot of time discussing and reading articles related to the idea. These quotes really illuminate us and get us to pause and re-read and connect.”, says Lucy Stockdale, “the way Tony Morrison really gets us to think deeply. Particularly this year, after my students finish reading from home, many of them love it so much that they start to read more books about Tony Morrison. That is really what I hope.” The passion a teacher has in class is contagious.

Students can feel the passion of their teachers. “Home, by Tony Morrison is a beautiful book with great languages, I became really interested in Tony Morrison after being taught by Ms. Stockdale. I read Beloved online after the unit is over. Tony Morrison is also Ms. Stockdale’s favorite author. I think Ms. Stockdale is really different when she’s teaching Home, she is a lot more passionate and emotional. Normally when an author is being introduced, she will put the historical fact into a package. But when we are studying about Tony Morrison, she is so passionate that sometimes she has tears in her eyes. Especially last year when Tony Morrison passed away, we got to watch a lot of interviews done by her. Overall, it’s such a good book, because you always want your teacher to be passionate about the book she is currently teaching…” remarked Jerry Xiang.

Discussing topics with a teacher who is so passionate about it must have been an absolute pleasure. You might be able to fall in love with a new author or a new book! But have you ever thought that the teachers might hate the book they are reading about? “I am not very passionate towards Shakespeare myself, probably because I never quite got it as a student. I never quite have the passion towards Shakespeare, so it’s a different approach when I am teaching. I focus on letting the student understand and appreciate rather than igniting their passion. But I have many different methods in terms of teaching. For instance, I let the students watch a lot of movies on Shakespeare, because it would be more interesting. Shakespeare is a script writer, so we should watch more plays rather than just reading them.”


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