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Cheerful Christmas Carols

Christmas songs: the tunes that never escape your head, even when it’s not the holiday season. Take Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is You.” You hear it all the time. On the radio, the TV, your friends singing it. It’s virtually impossible to escape it. Let’s take a look at what defines the holiday-music vibe.

Mixed feelings surround the Christmas music genre: some turn it on in November while others avoid it at all costs. The popularity of these songs is reflected in the music in every mall in the world; they have many Christmas-dedicated radio stations or Spotify playlists, and many people just looking to get in the Christmas spirit.

While Christmas songs can be festive, they can also have a negative impact on our mental health, particularly if they're played on repeat.

Christmas joy overflows the world, and at first these songs are wonderful. However, Christmas music can quickly become grating as we hear the same Christmas songs over and over again. Even if we enjoy Bing Crosby's magical voice, there is a point of overplaying that causes us to start disliking what we are listening to. In connection to our feelings, those with loved ones who have passed can feel a greater sense of loss during these times. While we hope to find a renewed sense of joy, music has long been associated with emotional expression, and it can be a significant trigger for people who are grieving. It is extremely important to spend time with loved ones during these times as well as be an emotional support for some.

If you are one of the many people who live for the holiday season, the time has come and the big day is quickly approaching. Some of the amazing voices of gifted singers can not be denied as we hear their songs. Legendary singers such as Bing Crosby, Michael Bublé, Mariah Carey, Elton John, and a mob of other artists fill up our home with lullabies of hope.

There is a strong tie between Christmas music and nostalgia, whether it's good or bad. This is also why listening to certain Christmas songs can make people feel warm, fuzzy and child-like.

Part of the reason why Christmas music is associated with joy is not necessarily the music itself, but the memories that come along.

There is no doubt that Christmas music is overall good for you and your health. But understanding the impacts it has on you and the people around you is important this holiday season. Cherish this holiday season with your family and do not take any of this wonderful time for granted.

Some songs have had a bigger impact on the holiday season than others. Here is a list of the top 10 Christmas Songs of all time according to Billboard.

Top Christmas Songs of All Time: Billboard Top 10

  1. All I Want for Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey (1994)

  2. Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee (1958)

  3. Jingle Bell Rock by Bobby Helms (1957)

  4. The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole (1946)

  5. A Holly Jolly Christmas by Burl Ives (1965)

  6. It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year by Andy Williams (1963)

  7. Feliz Navidad by José Feliciano (1970)

  8. Last Christmas by Wham! (1984)

  9. White Christmas by Bing Crosby (1942)

  10. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer by Gene Autry (1949)

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