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Christmas Cinema Cheer

Christmas movies have set themselves up as the staple elements that set the mood for this winter festival of renewal and good cheer. It helps to have a guide to the must-watch movies of the Christmas season. Picture yourself with a steamy cup of hot cocoa, lounging on your comfortable couch and in front of your TV. It's time to sit back and enjoy a good Christmas movie.

The mischief of the film's protagonist, Kevin McCallister, and the demise of the clueless burglars make Home Alone 1990 a movie you can't stop watching. The success of the first movie prompted the release of the arguably better Home Alone 2 movie. The movie follows a similar plot line with the twist of navigating the huge city of New York. Hidden under the comedy of these movies is the theme of family with a sweet ending. Each of these movies is a must-watch, sure to cause laughter and a heartwarming feel of family bonding.

  • One of the most famous Christmas movies, Elf, stars the hilarious Will Ferrell in a movie sure to get you in the Christmas spirit. Elf is a classic that you can expect to be one of the main Christmas movies for many years to come. The comedic styling of Will Ferrell is the centerpiece of the movie with the theme of Christmas in the background. His unusual size as well as immature nature makes his character (Buddy) a person you can't help but love. With this in mind, the theme of Christmas feels a little lost, especially with many references to Santa Claus not being real — and we ask, what’s up with the annoying reality checks? The movie may be overplayed, and with a few watches it can become redundant and boring — but over all, this movie is worth watching, and you are sure to enjoy it.

  • Dr Seuss’ The Grinch 2018 delivers the theme of Christmas spirit in a perfect way. The most recent addition to the variety of Grinch movies, the 2018 edition, is an animated film with many eye-catching scenes and a few new additions from the prior Grinch movie. Based on Dr Suess’ book The Grinch, this most recent movie adds Max, the Grinch’s pet dog, to help in his plan to ruin Christmas. If you have watched How The Grinch Stole Christmas 2000 starring Jim Carrey, you may have felt disappointed, but I can assure you, this movie is a huge step up and well worth watching this Christmas.

You will not find a holiday movie more inspiring than Polar Express. Polar Express has wonderful messages about the importance of believing and an overwhelming moral about the importance of friendship. A boy finds himself doubting that Santa exists before he is picked up in a train outside his house to go on a journey to fuel his Christmas spirit. This film is a great way to kick off Christmas and it is sure to pique your Christmas spirit.

  • Christmas or Halloween? This long lasting debate surrounds the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas and lends to its appeal to all audiences. The movie combines themes of Christmas and Halloween to create an animated masterpiece. It has an amazing Christmas finale giving the feeling that above all, this is a Christmas Movie. The wonderful Tim Burton uses the film technique of stop motion to give this movie a new feel you may not have experienced before. The risk Burton took here using two very different holidays is so great, but with great risk comes great reward. Check out what this movie has to offer and you will not be disappointed.


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