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christmas facts

  • There’s a Christmas tree in Spain that's worth $15 million.

  • Mark Zuckerberg could buy 8,060 of those trees with his net worth. Oh, and hey Jeff Bezos could buy 13,400! Together they could own 21,460 gold Spanish Christmas trees instead of ending climate change with their billions of dollars.

  • Eggnog dates back to medieval times.

  • Because even back then they wanted to get turnt. As read in a holiday eggnog article, “Colonists referred to rum as grog.” That's all.

  • Americans expect to spend around $850 on Christmas gifts each year.

  • Yet another way to make people without money feel inferior and to materialize faith and religion:)

  • But they actually end up spending nearly $1,500 on presents.

  • Enough said. Let's stop buying presents and end poverty.

  • The Statue of Liberty is the largest Christmas gift ever given.

  • Not bigger than your mom.

  • Thomas Edison and his business partner invented Christmas lights.

  • But then Christmas lights are older than electricity: people used to put candles on evergreen trees. Imagine the possibilities of both beauty and mayhem.

  • Christmas Day boasts the lowest number of relationship breakups.

  • The last Christmas I spent with a boyfriend he left me outside in the rain. No breakup tho:)

  • And it's the most popular time of year to propose.

  • And it is said that January is the most popular month for divorce.

  • A record number of babies are conceived around Christmas.

  • I feel like this one was unnecessary.

  • “Whether he sneaks down a chimney or not, Santa Claus is committing a crime by busting into our homes with the intent of stealing our milk and cookies. Since Santa Claus is immune to border security, he doesn't have to worry about what's in his big Ol' Red Sack.”

  • i- gurl.


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