• James Fan

Cloudy vision: glasses-wearers' new pandemic reality

All throughout the pandemic, I have been struggling with an issue unique to glasses-wearers: masks fog up our glasses — a minor but perpetual annoyance. However, thanks to senior Emilee Gu, there might be a mask brand, Graf-Lantz, that solves the pain of fogged glasses. I even have a trusted testimonial. But there’s still a problem. I just got my first vaccine shot. What if by the time I get this mask, the pandemic is over? Nearly $30 and many days of shipping will be wasted. And there’s even more bad news, because they only sell it in a petite size. My face is massive, so I would have to adjust my mask every second. The only viable solution is a DIY fix, and even those are very ineffective or unnecessarily complicated.

Why it happens? DIY solution?

Mask fogging happens because the mask is too loose. This issue is hard to solve because all masks use deformable materials, which means they don’t stick to your face very well, and therefore it creates a vortex of fog that passes up through your mask into cold air rushing past the glass of your lens, leading to fog.

The DIY solution here is to tape your mask to your face, which works, but isn’t good for your skin. It requires reapplication every time you take it off and it looks ridiculous. So that’s a no. Some have also suggested using dishwasher liquid or soap to coat the lenses in a material that is fog-averse. From personal experience, this solution works for 5 seconds, and then it goes back to normal. Plus, if you do that everyday, you will be smelling soap forever. Dishwashing liquid doesn’t smell good.

The only solution that has a 100% success rate is using contact lenses, which isn’t very practical if you’ve been wearing glasses from a young age. They are also very easy to lose (hello AirTags) and take about a century to apply. Alternatively, you could also get plastic surgery to mold your face into the correct shape, but that’s expensive and the result would be a raisin-like face, or something worse.

In conclusion, glasses-wearers have suffered and will continue to suffer, until the coronavirus gets bored and decides to wander off. Surely, if someone creates a mask that satisfies this condition, they would make Jeff Bezos’ fortune look smaller than a shopping cart.


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