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Contentious Confessions

As Christmas approaches us, Tusitala decides to adopt a new tradition which is a secret message to the person you care about. All of the responses are posted here:

Hello, You were really sweet and nice to me during my freshman year, but I never bothered to do anything because I already had fun being friends with you. You were also in eighth grade at the time and had a different friend group, so even if we did hang out at times, I didn’t wanna ruin the relationship we had. I have a partner now, but I just wanted to get this out of my chest since I never confessed to you during that time. I may or may not have justified my feelings by confessing to someone else in my grade, but they didn’t even reciprocate anything back, so friendship ruined! Anyways, good luck on your senior year.

hi friend, its me. but you don't know that. i wanted to say that we have only really started talking but i really like spending time with you and i like our little chats during extra help. being around you always makes me laugh and it's been really refreshing to talk to you. i sometimes don't know how to talk to you without seeming desperate but i think about you a lot. i have no clue how you feel about me but i hope it's some of the same of how i feel. i really hope we get closer. for real

Dear possible crush? Where do I begin? I really felt like we connected last week and I do really want to become better friends with you since we have not classes together. I’m not sure if I like you as a crush, but that could also just be a fear of rejection. I do hope we connect more throughout the year, and we’ll see what happens!

1. I love you as much as Kim Jong Un's uncle loves children. 2. I don't know what kind of person you are, because true beauty is on the inside, and I haven't been inside you yet. 3. Doubt thou the stars are fire, doubt that the sun doth move, doubt truth to be a liar, but never doubt my love.

Dear Boyfriend. I know this is new and a bit nerve racking but I can't wait to see what this year will bring for us. Spending time with you watching sunset at Carmel beach or just taking a joyride along 17mile drive have been some of the highlights of my school year.

Hey Brian, I hope you see this. Im gonna give you hints to help you find out who I am. Im a day student who lives on campus. I play soccer, and im still in the closet. we aren't very close but I'd like to be. guess who I am 😊

my confession is that I like madimims, we used to be close, and we like went to the carmel campus together. we even had our like own little thing going on. I miss you and want to get closer to you again.

To: Savanna Yant From: Kekoa Williams

Hey, you already know that I really like you but just to make it extra clear... would you want to go out and get coffee sometime? xoxo - Kekoa <3

I have a really good friend. Let's call her milk. She's a really nice sophomore and I really want to show my appreciation for the $5 granola that she bought (kinda) for me.

Dear person I have my elective with, I think about you everyday, Wondering how I’m ask you out, You put smile on my face, Maybe one day we can go on a date

Dear——- I love watching you while you do your glute workouts and squats Martin From ———

Dear —— I love watching you squat in weight training, Joaquin From, ——-

Cameron Page is cute and kind :)) is he gay? asking for a friend…

I love you.

Hello Bill! You are so sweet and kind and you shine on the tennis courts. I Hope I can get to know you better! Lol maybe I should start playing tennis :)


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