• Sue Wu

Dogs at school: a fun experience?

“He is just a big fluff of love,” said Fliss Francese when describing her dog, Henry. Henry is a golden doodle who came to Fliss’ family after an important family member passed away. Her mother was looking for a dog, but Henry somehow found its way into the family as a comfort to everyone.

When being asked about how bringing Henry to school feels for her, she asserted that it feels great to have him by her side in class. “He is very calm and is always there for you, he even fell asleep in my math class,” according to Fliss. She further explained that having Henry in class is fun and not distracting at all, and there should be more days when students could bring their pets to class.

“It feels great to meet Henry in class,” said Judy Yu. She got to spend a Calculus class with Henry, and was amazed by his calm energy. Judy thinks that both Fliss and Henry have great comforting energy around them

which made Calculus AB a better class than before. Judy exclaimed that it is so cute to have dogs in school, and she would welcome our fluffy friends on campus.

On the other hand, Katrina Wu finds it a bit exhausting to bring her dog, Marco, to school. Marco is a rescued dog from Chengdu, China, who eventually made his way into an adoption center in Oakland California. He is around 3 to 4 years old, and is a very energetic and handsome dog. Different from how Henry supports Fliss, Katrina feels like she supports Marco more often. She enjoys his company and energy but finds it a bit stressful to keep him quiet in class. She thinks it is fun to bring Marco to school, but she asserts that once a year is more than enough.

Beatrice, Akcan’s family dog, is smart, athletic, and great company on daily walks. She loves our beloved math teacher Zekai Akcan, so Peter finds it a bit hard to keep her away from his father. At first, Beatrice was a bit terrified by the dog day as she first got out of the car, since she has never been on campus before. Also, the fact that there are so many dogs on campus that day is a bit terrifying too. After lunch, when Peter and Beatrix were hanging out in Rosen, Beatrix was able to run from Rosen to Flik in hopes of finding Zekai Akcan.


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