• Sue Wu

Food Delivery: Need or Desire

During any time of the day, there is a good chance you will be able to spot food delivery outside the benches in front of Douglas Hall. The foods vary from milk tea from Tzone to pizza from Pizza My Heart. People order out for different reasons which include: celebrating, cheering up, or wanting a change.

Despite the fact that people order different food on campus, their preferences of restaurants for specific foods also vary. A junior explained that “although [she does] like Pizza My Heart, the pizza place [she] ordered most from is from Mountain Mike’s because it delivers much faster than Pizza My Heart”. She further explained that although the food from Pizza My Heart is good, sometimes she just wants to get food faster, rather than waiting more than 40 minutes. On the other hand, Joyce Jiang, who often plans to order food quite early during the day, says she has plenty of time to think about what she wants to order, and is willing to wait a bit more for higher quality food.

Nevertheless, the transportation process of delivering food can leave the food worse than a regular meal. The time it takes to deliver the food can result in most meals getting cold and soggy when they arrive at the hands of the students.

Sometimes we felt as if we are eating money rather than food when we order delivery.

Worse, some restaurants don’t even offer a delivery option for various reasons. Amber further complained that “we have no other choice but to order Doordash when we don’t want to eat cafeteria food, but Doordash is so expensive.” Indeed, except for the tax, Doordash also charges its customers with delivery fees and service fees. All the additional costs added together often result in an almost 50% increase in the price of food.

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