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  • Alex Qin

Football against Greenfield: Gotta Lose to Win

Greenfield, a name that brings headaches to the Stevenson Football team, competed against us on October 20th for the decisive win. Last year our team defeated Greenfield and took the “W”; this year they proclaimed to “recapture the division’s trophy that belonged to them”.

At 7:30 AM, Greenfield High School, the debout began. Holding approximately 1400 students, Greenfield High’s spectator seats were completely filled, with parents and the cheering squad hyping the players up. Of the four-fifty players, 32 of them were seniors, whilst Stevenson team only has 7 and is made up of predominantly sophomores.

Despite the disadvantage in a visiting field, Stevenson’s Varsity Football Coach Cassamass agitatedly gave up speech standing on the bench in the changing room: “ We can’t let them just claim what’s our championship to be theirs! We took great lengths to seize that tile last year, so let’s do it one more time right now! The war starts now!” The team burst out to the field all pumped up.

Stevenson team started off with steady and consecutive offense plays, encroaching the yardages of Greenfield. By the end of 1st quarter, the team had a lead of one touchdown. Nonetheless, as everyone thought the score difference would continue to enlarge, Greenfield created some long-yardage runs catching the flaws in the defense cooporations of our team. Though the players endeavored to keep the score difference within the range of suspense, our team eventually fell to the opponent at 4th quarter.

Many players got emotional in the aftermath, especially under the foil of the hurrahs from the other side of the field. This game served not just as a defeat, but moreover illuminated the determination of the whole team to win afterward.


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