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Great Escapes

  • Grocery shopping: Usually with my family members (parents, sisters), the gist of grocery shopping is not shopping itself but creating a stronger emotional bond with your family, because the quarantine makes relationships between family members stressful and angry. James Fan, Laurence Shao

  • Solitary confinement: Besides improving your concentration, you will gain more insights into your self-identity. “What am I” is a cliche but worthy question to think about in order to achieve your potential.) James Fan

  • Meditation: best with Buddha/zen music, calms the mind from notifications and work, also distracts you from stress and the coming months where you have to do the same thing. James Fan

  • Clubs in general: school clubs — while it’s hard to simulate in-person clubs, you still get to experience a semblance of club life; also, joining new clubs can give life a new focus and distract you from the situation. James Fan

  • Reading: (Makes you feel like you’re doing something. Connecting your mind to a high-dimensional, intangible, spiritual society that relieves your stress from reality and having conversation with the mind of masters of literature. Make your thoughts more sophisticated, inquisitive, and acute.) Laurence Shao

  • Eating Outside (It wards off hunger and improves interpersonal bonds. It’s a good distraction from everything else.) Jonathan Zhou, James Fan

  • Creating a personal autobiography website (Proof that you once existed, a memory of what you enjoyed before quarantine but now can’t) Laurence Shao

  • Watching the cars and trees outside my house (This activity can improve your concentration, memorization, and aesthetics. Also relieves stress. ) James Fan

  • Watching other people play video games (Watching others play well feels better than playing terribly yourself, great way to alleviate pain if you cannot afford games or do not have time) Jonathan Zhou

  • Trying to remember what happened (The monotony is dangerous for memory, there is a serious struggle to remember anything noteworthy that happened, because every day is the same computer stuck on the same program stuck on the same desk in the same chair with the same charger in the same house in the same country in the same planet, monotony also causes rambling, which I am very prone to doing) James Fan

  • Having pointless arguments on social media (Quarantine causes a sense of disconnection from the real world. Since many people spend most of their time already on these platforms, they are even more inclined to speak out when someone suggests something different from the established opinion.) James Fan

  • Setting things on fire with a magnifying glass: (The light is beautiful to look at.) Jonathan Zhou

  • Recreating childhood memories: This title could account for so many activities, but there is one that I used to love doing that you probably did once or twice too. On weekend nights my cousins and I would gather as many blankets as we could find and push all of our dining room chairs into a large circle. We would methodically hang the blankets over the chairs to create a stable roof for our (have you guessed it by now?) fort. We would use the excess blankets as walls, though it was important to maintain a point of entry. Finally, we would fill our creation with pillows, bean bag chairs, blankets, snacks, and a source of entertainment. Hopefully this nostalgic space will serve as a homework and worry free getaway. Maya Chavez

  • Journaling: A great activity that will help you to reflect on your life and will enhance your wellbeing is journaling. You can journal anytime you want to, every morning when you wake up or before going to bed. Journaling doesn’t just have to be what you did that day either. You can create a list of things you are grateful for and goals that you have set for yourself(either long term or short term). You can write down detailed descriptions of fond memories, or fictional stories that you come up with on the spot. Journaling would be a great way to express your emotions and eventually it could be an object that you look back on to remember what this time period was like.

  • Plants: As I have lost my ability to take care of my friends, I have shifted this motherly energy onto plants. I am best at taking care of succulents because they need the least work and give the easiest results. As I have gotten better at helping them grow, I have moved on to harder plants. I should stop doing this considering their current state, however, I do not give up. I currently have five succulent plants, one vine, and another one. I have no idea what they are called. I am doing my best to keep these guys alive. I plan on re-potting them to help with drainage. They always give me something to do and give me something to be emotionally attached to. Phoebe Zeidberg

  • New music: For the past year I have been incredibly lazy and have listened to my brother and father’s playlists. Not because I necessarily like them, but because they are there and I will eventually get used to them and enjoy them. However, I do have to say that my brother’s taste is pretty good. During the beginning of the school year, before my life was lost to homework, I decided to sit down and make a playlist. I added some songs that I had heard and enjoyed and also some songs that I loved at the moment. Spotify has a lovely feature that automatically suggests songs based off of ones that are in your playlist. Because of this feature, I have found many of my current favorites. But the downside, or maybe upside, is that this playlist is absolutely all over the place. The songs switch from rap, to rock, to one honorary rhythm/blues song, slow songs, and just some random ones that I can’t categorize because they are not in english. My only suggestion is do not delete songs. If you get sick of a song, skip it. If you get sick of a playlist, make a new one. One day, you will feel down and want to feel like a teenager from the summer between sophomore and junior year and you will be instantly transported back when you listen to that playlist. Phoebe Zeidberg

  • Play with my rabbit: My rabbit is a huge lump of white fur with a brown strip on her back. I used to spend hours with her every single day when I first got her since she was barely a month old at that time so she needed a person to take care after her. I see her as my own sister, but I grew busy after high school (especially because I go to boarding school abroad) that I don’t have as much time for her any longer. However, she is a wonderful escape for me since I can feel healed from stress simply by staying by her. Any pet works! Sue Wu

  • Lacrosse at the park: I grab my hoodie, water bottle, and dash to the park with my Dad chucking the lacrosse ball across the field. This is a great getaway from our screens and to maintain my skill in a new hobby I’ve found during quarantine: lacrosse. (HW)

  • Video Games: Always a fun experience, I hop on my favorite games on my Xbox and battle it out against friends and family. This is a great bonding experience that I look forward to doing everyday. Harrison Wilmot

  • Giving yourself the opportunity to take a break: Being at home can sometimes feel confining and restricting. Because you are doing school at home it seems as though your mind is always busy and occupied. Personally, and I am sure many feel these same notions, I always feel like I have to do something and be busy because my mind has not been able to differentiate school and home. Accordingly, I think it's important to take breaks when necessary to not only be patient with yourself but also find a distinction between homelife and academics. Emily Amador

  • Going out for a bike ride: In general I think that escaping any worries or anxious feelings can be done with a bike ride. If I feel frustrated or overwhelmed, going out to ride my bike always brings me peace. It allows me to think and be aware of my surroundings. It’s very humbling to notice the sound and movement in your environment. Watching the cars pass by, each with intentions of traveling to a certain destination makes me think about how big the world seems but how close we are. Emily Amador

  • Finding a quiet space to just think: This “space” does not mean one thing and in fact is something different for everyone. For me I find a lot of peace and room for thought on the roof. I sit and think about future aspirations and how I am doing. It’s a safe place for thought to linger and be free of any judgement. I recommend locating a place in your home to do so. Giving yourself time to think is much more valuable than what you may think. Emily Amador

  • Listening to music/historical study: Music has a way of changing your emotions. There are different sounds and tones working together to create harmony. What you can do to immerse yourself even more with the music you listen to, is do a historical study. There are usually eccentric connotations and meanings in music that you don’t perceive the first time you hear a piece.Multiple factors can affect a song, which include but are certainly not limited to: the time a song was written, the personal life of an artist, and the state of the artist. A huge component of preserving music is understanding it. Emily Amador

  • Cooking with your family members: When you are stuck in your house, and can’t go to your favorite restaurant, you can always find a way around! Because you can cook so many exotic cuisines (on youtube of course) to make you feel like you are not at home. During this frustrated time, you can always stay positive when you have some warm food in your stomach. Amber Shan

  • Fantasy football is something in the week that always keeps me on the edge of my toes. I set my lineup each week in hopes of pulling out a victory over a tough opponent. A bonus is that you also get bragging rights Harrison Wilmot

  • Go for a morning jog: There are usually not many people on the street in the early morning, you can just jog all over the place and have some fresh air while you are socially distanced. Jogging can also release some dopamine in your body, so you can start the day out with a positive attitude! Amber Shan

  • Watching a good movie in your pajamas: after taking a bath/shower, you can wear your clean pajamas and put up an old movie, cuddle on your sofa with a soft blanket, have some sparkling water and freshly baked cookie, and if possible lit up a scented candle. Amber Shan

  • Going to the beach: Getting outside safely with friends and family in a beautiful environment. Getting in the water to swim, surf, or splash around is always lots of fun! Skye Franklin

  • Spikeball: whether you are at the beach, or on your front lawn, spikeball is a great activity for all ages. Skye Franklin

  • Ocean, river, lake, or reservoir, water is always a blast: jumping into the waves, making a diving catch with a football or sticking your chair into the fine sand and reclining back, reading your favorite story. Harrison Wilmot

  • Movies are a great escape for PB students, so I sent out a survey on favorite classic movies, where the definition of classic is defined by the one filling the survey. A decent number of students decided to recommend a classic. Although the results were varied, the James Bond series, Harry Potter, and The Shining were popular options. Sue Wu

  • Games, books, and TV shows: Many people choose to read rather than having more screen time. The taste of reading material are usually novels like Agatha Christie’s novels or Harry Potter. Moreover, TV shows like Six Feet Under or Imposter are also great options. Sue Wu

  • Classic games Many of us choose to revisit our childhood and the old yet classical games such as Plants Versus Zombies, or our all-time favorite Super Mario. Sue Wu


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