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If the road to the heart runs through the stomach...

The smell of sweet warm chocolate was all over the dorm; students waited and waited until nine, then rushed out of their rooms, searching for the source of the aroma. Footsteps and whisperings of “Is she here?”, “Is it ready now?”, “Can you smell it?” resounded all over Barrows as Mrs. Wenzel appeared, steam escaping out of her secret basket. The noise ceased all of a sudden, and it became so quiet that you could hear Cookie, her little dog, stretching on the floor and the growling of students’ stomachs. The girls formed a line and waited impatiently for the famous Wenzel Brownies. Though Mrs. Wenzel no longer lives on campus, her brownies were legendary—and the students remember. Some transitions needed here The happy “family traditions” in Barrows are all over the school. Those happy traditions at Stevenson provide the students with happy memories and time to hang out, and gives the boarders a sense of home.

When the moon replaces the sun, students study hard in their room during study hall. The faculties on duty often prepare snacks for students.

Mrs. Ally Wenzel’s brownies

“I remembered when she was still on campus, she would bake brownies around 9, and we would all race to eat it,” says Melody Cai '23. The warm, gooey brownies were part of the Barrow’s traditions during study hall. In 2020, as the school turned to remote learning because of the sudden pandemic, Wenzel unveiled her iconic brownie’s secret recipe—the Grio Triple deli batter from Costco.

“I tried to make one during remote learning, I mean it is really good, but it is just not the same”, says Lydia Yu, “probably it’s because there’s love missing from it or maybe she adds Cookie’s tail into it .” As she reflected on the last time she had brownies with her friends, she concluded that the sweet chocolate aura, hunger during study hall and the love from Mrs.Wenzel added more special flavor and texture to her brownies…

The mysteries around Wenzel’s secret brownies still remain unknown, but after talking to her about brownies on a sunny lazy afternoon on Rosen Stage, she revealed her secret recipe. “The girls are all away from their home; I wish that I can give them a home feeling, and in my home growing up, we always have treats like that. So I concluded the best way to replicate this feeling is to have brownies coming out of the oven. The intention and love that goes into the brownies are more important than the taste of it.”

As Mrs. Wenzel and Dr. Wenzel left campus, the Wenzel’s brownies at 9 pm might not happen again, but food with love will always be on campus.


Mr. Charlie Henrikson’s cereal party & Barbeque party by the pool

On a dark, gloomy night pouring with rain, everyone just wanted to stay inside in the warmth of their rooms. Silverado students would gather around in the common room, with countless types of milk and cereals all over the table, each with their own bowls enjoying the lavish cereal feast prepared by Henrikson. The next day, Henrikson was there again, preparing a giant barbeque by the pool, the smell of smoked meat patties and sausages fused in the air. Friends gathered in small groups with iced soda, hamburgers, and hotdogs. The social atmosphere, the sizzling of the sausages, the laughter of faculty kids, and the magic of Henrikson’s food...

“I personally really like the cereal parties because it is a little tradition that we have, so it’s something that we can look forward to,” says Lydia Yu, “he offers us a lot of variations, for the lactose intolerant kids we have almond milk. This is really inclusive.” The cereal party also serves as an opportunity to socialize for students. “I didn’t make a lot of new friends during the party, but I am always there with my friends.” says Yu, “It’s an opportunity to hang out.”

“The barbeque reminds me of the family barbeque,” says Lucy Xie, “I feel less homesick when I am at the barbeque. They have such happy vibes.”Henrikson and his parties always have a special place in our hearts, as they always remind us of our family time.


Mr. Hinckley and his doughnuts

“In my view, the supreme snack for students is the donut. I have seen absolute feeding frenzies among groups of students facing a box of donuts. The same is true of faculty, or even worse.”—Dale Hinckley

Hinckley’s point on donuts is verified and approved by everyone whenever Hinckley showed up in Journalism class, he would always talk about the nice donut shop called “Donut” in Prunedale. He would let us imagine the feelings of eating donuts. How you devilishly stuffed your mouth with a donut, bite through the crispy base, the way whip cream hugged around your teeth; and the crackling and slightly salty glazed donut blended with sugary creamy frosting, you can feel the slightly rough particles of sprinkles grinding against your teeth and how they gradually melted in your mouth… Hinckley would repeatedly describe the texture of the donut again to the crew, especially before lunch.

Hinckley kept on promising that he “will bring doughnuts to the next class if you take good photographs” as the Tusitala crew delicately take photographs and meticulously photoshop the pictures to feel confident when presenting. Hinckley showed up again empty-handed, as the crew waited patiently for Hinckley to magically produce the donuts, he put his hand over his forehead and sign “Oh my god, I forgot the donuts!” Lydia Yu says, “I am personally very disappointed, as the supposed winner for the photo-taking contest. I deserve donuts, it was hard work and I deserve to be compensated.”

However, some other students almost forgot about the donut business. “I just forgot about the donut business,” says Melody Cai. “I am highly disappointed as someone who dressed up as Dunkin Donuts, I believe the donuts are the best dessert and they don’t deserve to be treated like this” added furiously Lydia Yu.

Mr.Hinckley and “the best snacks for students”


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