Learn a Lesson: Governments Become Complacent and Continue to Burn Money for Christmas Decoration

Christmas decorations extend past the tree. In fact, there is an endless world of possibilities beyond the frankly restrictive wood and leaves. Ribbons, lights, skinny Santa air dancers and much, much more provide a colorful creative worldview past the tree so crammed with old ornaments that it looks like a museum of Christmas Past.

Governments take this needlessly extravagant festivity to a whole new level. Both Windsor Castle and the White House saw fit to cram trinkets into a space that does not need decoration. The money spent could have gone to fighting the coronavirus threat, something that continues to rage and that—at the very least—puts a damper on the holiday spirit. The theme of the decorations was to “bring people closer to kindness and healing,” which is ridiculous for two reasons: the theme of the decorations is Christmas. There need not be an additional theme.

This is a 350lb replica of the White House. What a waste of materials!

Britain also seems to enjoy indulging in this excess. ”Brexit” is something Britain still has not recovered from fully, and yet they continue to place 20-foot-tall Christmas trees inside Windsor Castle. This is also not wise considering the fragile state of the royal family, especially seen from the former Duchess/Duke of Sussex’s point of view, whose Oprah interview has skewed the already-shattered relationship with the Windsor quite badly.

Christmas decorations should be simple. A single Christmas tree filled with tasteful ornaments does not include prominent brand marketing or embarrassing family photos. There are only two Christmas colors: green and red. Any other color and it messes with the Christmas atmosphere. Ribbons are acceptable within a specific length and width, so as to not look gaudy. The lights must display only green, red, or white light. The only acceptable lighting effects are flashing and pulsing, and certainly not strobing.

Therein lies the final lesson of Christmas decorations. Never listen to other people on how Christmas decorations should be done. The first paragraphs are more political statements rather than advice on decorations. Wasting time reading this article instead of mounting the Christmas decorations is not what should be happening right now. The only opinion that matters is the personal opinion, because it is the opinion people are most satisfied with. That said, governments really should not waste extravagant amounts of money and resources on Christmas decorations most people cannot physically see, since most people do not casually stroll past a government building and think to look inside. Enjoy your Christmas free of opinion and worry!


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