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  • Chanel Estrada

Les punaises de lit ont pris le relais! The bed bugs have taken over!

Bedbugs have officially taken over the city of Paris. Seems like these bed bugs have good taste since they made their grand appearance during fashion week. Many hotels and motels have found that bed bugs have checked into their hotels and refuse to check out. Bedbugs have also appeared in bus seats.

Many French people refuse to sit on the bus seats and are taking precautions before sitting or lying on the seats. They do this by checking the fabric but most of the time are disgusted to see clumps of bed bugs swarming the fabric. Bed bugs have been sticking onto unsuspecting French people who make the mistake of sitting in public places or checking into hotels and spreading to homes all over France.

Many citizens over Paris have been throwing out their bed bug-infested beds and leaving them on the streets. Not even bug exterminators can get rid of these bloodsuckers. Many French citizens have hired 5-star exterminators to rid themselves of these unwelcome guests, but bed bugs have been increasing their resistance to insecticides. In other words, they have evolved to create defenses and adaptations against certain chemicals typically used to end them. The French government even pledged to “undertake further action” to combat what was described by officials as a “widespread” rise of the bloodsuckers.

Since the invasion of the Bed bugs happened during fashion week many celebrities and tourists stayed at hotels many of them took bed bugs with them back home. Bed bugs have now spread over Europe and now many cases have been reported in New York City. Fear not there are still things you can do to get rid of Bed bugs. One of them is washing all your bed sheets and clothes. Putting all your clothes in bags to suffocate the bloodsuckers. They would need to be sealed in the bag for, 5 months, maybe even more. Put a mattress cover over the mattress and never take it off at least 20 - 400 days later, but better to stay and leave it on until 400 days. This is to trap the bed bugs and kill them because they cannot live without food for that long. Bed Bugs have officially become an epidemic, so stay safe be aware, and don't don’t let the bedbugs bite.


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