• Athena Sanchez Erb

Navigating the Next Four Years - Athena Sanchez Erb

Dear Freshman me,

The next four years will be a rollercoaster of emotions, memories, and experiences that you will remember for the rest of your life. You will overcome challenges and you may struggle a little but you will grow from those experiences and become the best version of yourself. It's weird thinking about you now because the person I see now has completely changed. The person you will become is independent, confident and driven. You have much to experience and overcome which is exciting because every experience and lesson will make you stronger and smarter. You have a lot ahead of you and it's exciting!

I miss being you sometimes. I miss having less pressure and more time on my hands. Now, I am going off to college soon, going into the real world. Stevenson is a great place and in the coming years you will have a chance to try new sports, classes and meet new people. You will soon meet your lifelong friends and make the best memories.

A lot has changed! You applied for leadership positions, made new friends and tried new sports. You will be a prefect your junior year in Wilson and you will be a Green Key Ambassador. In your senior year you will be a Green Key mentor and the Head Prefect of Atwood. Who would have thought that an introverted and shy freshman would evolve into a great student leader? Although your classes are very easy, you still think that they are so hard and that you have so much homework. Believe me, wait until you take APES and AP Spanish Literature.

Boarding life at Stevenson is fun and it only gets even better over time! In the next year you will be in Atwood where you will find your best friends to this day.

Your dream of becoming an orthodontist will change once you realize that science is not your strongest subject, but you will develop a new skill and interest which is debating and politics. Your favorite subjects, math and English, will stay the same even until your senior year — which is surprising because they are the hardest subjects for you. The idea of loving the classes that are the hardest will not change throughout high school. Don't put too much pressure on yourself as you move through high school because in the end you will be in the right place and on the path that you have always wanted.

Just a little advice that I think you should know:

  1. Make great memories with friends

  2. Be yourself!

  3. Take classes that challenge you

  4. Have fun


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