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Rockefeller Christmas Tree returns, but after a rough ride

The Christmas tree arrived at Rockefeller Center on Nov 14th

To add to the disappointment of the year 2020, when the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree was initially placed it looked quite a bit different from the beautiful trees of years past. Even though people were initially shocked by the tree’s appearance, after a couple of days the tree brought a bit of light into everyone’s holiday season.

The soon-to-be Rockefeller Tree

The promising tree arrived at the well-known plaza on November 14th. Even though it had looked full and leafy in the pictures prior to its departure, when it arrived at Rockefeller Center it had entirely new features.

The tree had obvious brown spots in its greenery and uneven branches that called the attention of many Twitter users. Some compared the bare tree to that of Charlie Brown in “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” Others called it a perfect representation of the crazy year 2020, joking that the tree looks like it had attempted to cut its own hair.

Even though the tree was met with a lot of criticism, it proved the doubters wrong on December 2nd when it was unveiled. The tree glimmered with a sparkle of vibrant colors on all sides. All the tree needed was a couple days to let the branches fall accompanied by a final touch of 50,000 LED lights.

Due to COVID-19 precautions, the tree lighting was not open to the public; in fact, the NYPD tried their best to block the street view of their tree to discourage people from gathering to catch a view. The lighting was broadcasted on television to bring the magic of the tree lighting to people in the comfort of their own homes. The tree lighting was presented with performances by Kelly Clarkson and Earth Wind and Fire among others.

New York residents were likely disappointed because their much-loved tradition of watching the tree lighting has been altered due to these unusual circumstances. Most will not be able to go visit the tree in person, but if they are willing to make the effort some can still make a trip to bask in the tree’s beauty, but there are certain safety measures that have been implemented. Viewers must enter a virtual line, then return to their specific meeting place to join an in-person line. All the while they must be masked and distanced in groups of four or less. From there, they will finally be able to look at the adorned tree for a total of five minutes.

The elaborately-decorated Rockefeller Christmas Tree lit up


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