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Seniors advise underclassmen

As the 2021-2022 school year comes to its last couple of months, the school starts to say goodbye to its seniors but also welcomes the incoming freshman class of 2026. As an insight into a full high school experience, a few seniors have given their opinions and thoughts about their time here at Stevenson in hopes of giving advice to future underclassmen.

“Work done now means less work that needs to be done later”

“Treasure your four years in high school as time will fly by very fast. Try new things, spend time with your friends, and don't leave any regret. Best of luck!”

“Although it may seem unachievable, completing assignments and prioritizing school is of utmost importance. Procrastinating is something that can be avoided and while it remains something I haven’t mastered, it is something I hope to control as I enter college. Routine and balance are also extremely crucial. If you “play” too much, you can’t work; and if you work too much, you’ll be too stressed and lose the opportunity to play. There’s a time and a place for everything. Routine, in its own right, is also vital, because it adds structure to an otherwise “messy” life.”

“Try out sports. Start out not knowing the sport and be varsity level junior/senior year”

“Go to the school dances. Good bonding and lots of memories”

“Don’t take yourself so seriously. Be wild. You’re not an adult. Have fun.”

“Freshman year was hard because it had a lot of ups and downs and either you get into it and you love it or it’s really challenging for you, but I think you really just have to stick with it and it gets better”

“You will lose friends, make new ones, and mess up relationships, but at the end of the day, you will make connections with people that will last a lifetime. You will meet people that you would be completely and utterly willing to give your last breath to so that they can have another one.”

The seniors from this last year learned a lot from dealing with COVID to returning to regular classes, they all had to adapt in order to succeed. The advice they leave us is filled with promise as well as lessons we can all use in order to succeed this next school year.

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