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Summertime is here: Glorious activities for students

To whom it may concern,

Countdown: 9 days until the summer break. It is the time that we all longed for as we stressed over AP exams and numerous projects. Summertime provides the absolute freedom to do anything and everything. However, absolute freedom is not as blissful as one would imagine. If the possibilities are endless, where do we begin with when choosing? As some students planned out their entire summer vacation during the few moments of free time between study sessions, others put off that future until that future is becoming the present. Time is running out, and if you still have no idea what to do, don’t worry. Hopefully, this can jumpstart your train of thought.

The Tusitala surveyed Stevenson students and the three recurring activities of students’ summer plans — traveling, working, or doing summer academic work.

Activity 1: Traveling

Although traveling can be quite costly, it is a great way to explore the outside world — since it’s challenging to leave the Stevenson bubble during the school year. Traveling is a fun way to connect academic knowledge to the real world. For example, Alyssa Sun shares, “My mother has decided to test my sister and I on our school-learned languages by having us visit Spain and France; we are doomed.” Additionally, there are many cheaper options of travel available. Staying in hostels, or joining a work-stay program like World Packers or Work Away, which provides free accommodation in exchange for work, can reduce costs.

You can even be a tourist in your own city. Go to that one spot in town that you never visited because it is constantly overcrowded. Or just wander around! You never know what you’re going to stumble upon. It will be a fun way to pass time while learning more about your hometown. Keep an open mind and do not assume that you know every inch of your city. There is always more to discover!

Activity 2: Working

Working during the summer is a win-win situation. You are monetarily compensated while gaining a fulfilling experience. Working teaches one how to deal with pressures and responsibilities, and often increases interpersonal skills. Here are some positions of Stevenson students this summer: golf caddie, store clerk, surfing instructor, and tutor.

To apply to a chain enterprise, like Target, just walk into the store and politely ask if there are any job openings. They will most likely agree if they have any available. If you want to apply to a local organization, email a resume and cover letter (explain why you want to work for them and why they should hire you!).

Activity 3: Academic work

Although it is too late to apply to any summer programs hosted by universities, which is what the majority of Stevenson students are attending, there are other options available. For instance, you can preview course materials for your classes next year on Khan Academy for free. Besides the advantage of preparation, previewing a course also provides you and Mrs. O’Hara advance notice if the class isn’t right for you.

Another resource is EdX with thousands of asynchronous, online classes from eminent universities around the world. The selection ranges from “The Science of Happiness” from UC Berkeley to “Digital Marketing Strategy” from the University of Edinburgh. These asynchronous classes are flexible to your schedules, making them a great option if you want to learn while visiting the French countryside or working at your parents’ hardware store.

I hope that this was helpful for you to have a relaxing and productive summer. You can participate in all three of these activities (which I don’t recommend because you should try to relax) or none. It’s your choice. Afterall, summer is the time of absolute freedom. Can’t wait to write for you all again this fall!

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