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  • Curtis Da Silva

"The Lab": Stevenson's secret weapon to dominate golf

As a result of a generous sponsor, Stevenson’s golf teams now will have access to a high-level facility with simulators and top-of-the-line workout equipment. The new training facility, labeled “The Lab,'' contains high-tech training tools to sharpen preparation for the athletes of the Stevenson golf teams. Inside, one can find hitting simulators, an oscillating putting green, top-of–the-line weightlifting equipment, and access to all the nutrition needed to perform at a high level.

The majority of it is still under construction; nevertheless, the opening banner will fly soon as excitement for the grand opening grows pending the official unveiling in October.

The training here is not taken lightly either. Despite ongoing construction at the facility, the team still has found time for limited workouts. With only a few workouts in, the golf team is already seeing personalized fitness analysis, catering to individual growth. Each workout is special to the athlete's swing and mobility, allowing for personalized training regimens. The goal is personalization: each athlete's swing and mobility being similar in a sense, but unique in their own way, and each golfer needs different kinds of training.

It does not take a golfer to realize the benefits of access to correct nutrition. The Lab offers protein shakes, protein bars, pre- and post-workout recovery supplements, as well as many other essential foods for recovery and competition.

The three hitting simulators and oscillating putting are high-tech tools that will provide crucial numbers used for analysis. One small mishap in your swing or the tiniest hint of error in a putting stroke can be detected in record speed. Ball going a little bit right? The simulator has the answer: perhaps you are swinging slightly outside. The use of this technology is crucial in understanding the small, sometimes unnoticeable faults in a golfer’s setup.

With access to a new state-of-the-art facility, Stevenson golf teams will seek to replicate their success from last year and place even higher within the standings.


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