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What it took to resurrect a sports season

The track team stretches after practice

The start of in-person school also heralded the long-awaited start of sports. Stevenson has begun playing spring sports which were missed last year due to COVID-19. Sports like baseball, softball, girls and boys lacrosse, tennis, golf and swimming are back, albeit with modified schedules and a few covid-friendly changes. Athletic director Justin Clymo has been working hard with league officials and fellow ADs to devise schemes under which the school has been able to have sports practices while maintaining CDC guidelines to allow for no positive COVID cases to this point.

Sports at Stevenson have always been an integral part of our community, setting the foundation for not just school spirit and class pride, but for life-long friendships and memories that we as students can look back on as adults. Due to COVID-19, last year's spring sports season was canceled and left many spring sport athletes with a feeling of emptiness after they spent all year preparing for a season that never happened. Many seniors, now freshmen in college, had to make peace with playing a sport that they could not pursue for an entire season due to the pandemic.

What it took to get sports back?

Thankfully Stevenson sports such as baseball, lacrosse, and golf have been able to take place due to the agreement amongst schools and the county to have unofficial matches to at least have these athletes be able to have somewhat of a season to be able to compete in.

It’s lucky the season could take place at all. Sports director Justin Clymo shares what went into putting together a season this spring: "So pretty much all the schools in the county came together and discussed how we could have a season that fits within the COVID-19 safety guidelines." Also Justin Clymo shares the difficulties that Stevenson school ran into when trying to assemble teams: "We are a small school and a huge part of the campus’s population such as boarders are not attending in-person classes due to its inconvenience to them and their families. Therefore it was hard, for some sports, finding enough players to be able to assemble a team." Some students have been wondering why only spring sports are being played. Clymo explains, "We are only allowing spring sports due to the fact that last year’s spring sports got canceled very early into the season because of the pandemic."


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