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Empowering Future Businesses: The Alix Earle Scholarship at the University of Miami

Do you have the ambition it takes to be a changemaker in the world of business? Say hello to the Alix Earle Scholarship, here to support your dreams and break down barriers to help you take the first step towards your future. The Alix Earle Scholarship aims to provide financial assistance to outstanding students who demonstrate significant potential in the field of business at the University of Miami. Whether you’re aspiring to be a business CEO or an innovative entrepreneur, this scholarship is for you.

Anyone who has social media knows who Alix Earle is, but why is she so famous? This star in the world of social media went viral for her engaging content on beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. A Miami local, she quickly became an influencer and gained a devoted following on TikTok and Instagram within a few months. If you haven’t already, be prepared to hear the name “Alix Earle” everywhere. She is best known for her candid makeup vlogs titled “Get Ready With Me”. These videos, which she consistently posts on her TikTok platform almost every day, have played a crucial role in expanding and maintaining her fanbase.

But what’s the inspiration behind the generous scholarship? Alix couldn’t have said it better herself, “It is super important for women to know that they can be just as powerful as men. There is no limit on what you can accomplish as long as you believe in yourself”. The scholarship aims to inspire a new generation of business leaders, open to juniors and seniors enrolled at the University of Miami pursuing a business degree. The primary criteria for selection is financial need, as determined by the University of Miami Office. To qualify for the Alix Earle scholarship, applicants must submit their resume as well as a video submission, a unique element you wouldn’t normally find in a college application. The application asks you to create a compelling video that gives the admissions committee a taste of your personality, as well as addressing these two questions: A. What impact would this scholarship have on your educational and career goals? B. Why is it important to you to be a student at the University of Miami?

The main draw Alix had to funding this scholarship was creating an outlet where she could give back to the community she felt gave so much to her: “If I can help someone in need complete their degree at the University of Miami, I’m honored to help. I know the impact that UM has had on me, and it means the world to me to be a part of that for someone else”. When asking prospective UMiami business student Ally Jacobs how this scholarship would impact her as a rising entrepreneur she said, “It is motivating to show where hard work can get you, especially seeing her growth and success overall as a business student is inspiring.”

Alix’s contribution underlines the value of UM’s business school in pushing students forward to their fullest potential - she’s not only applying what she learned at her time there but also giving back to empower future generations of students.


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