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Stevenson JV football- season highlights

Stevenson’s win over Greenfield in the sixth game of the season highlighted a great season so far. They won 50-15, to stay in second place in the league. Derek Diniz’s three touchdowns were beautiful to watch, as he led the team to another league win. Derek Diniz leads this Pirate team with 13 touchdowns and is the only player with a rushing, receiving, and passing touchdown. Caden Olson has seven touchdowns, and Finley Mink and Jack Rice have ten touchdowns combined. Throughout the season, the team has made highlight after highlight to give fans tons to watch and enjoy.

In the first six games, the team had tons of points and gave up not many. Last season, through six games, the team had 90 points. The season before that, they had 138. Before that, 38 points, and then 26. This season, they have scored 191, absolutely blowing by recent numbers. It seems like this season, they may be the best-scoring JV team in a long time.

The team has a lot of potential and is second in the league standings. This Friday, they play the best team Gonzales to take the lead in the league, a game to determine this first-year class's ability. The winner of the game will almost surely decide the league winner, considering Stevenson will play Harbor after, who is by far the worst team in the league.

Gonzales is currently 7-1, and 4-0 in the league, while Stevenson is 4-2, and 3-1 in the league. Both teams beat King City, 7-0 for Gonzales and 28-19 for Stevenson. They also beat Marina both by 40+, and both beat Pajaro Valley. The only difference between their records is when Gonzales beat SLV by 4, and Stevenson lost by 3. Regardless, this is the game to decide the league winner. Both teams have been consistent all season and should provide a great game on Friday night.

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